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Hi, for an upcoming project I'll need to control two DC-motors in both speed and constant-torque mode. For a bit of a background, I'm building a reel-to-reel system to move a tape back and forth several times. I'm also using a rotary encoder to measure the position and speed of the tape. Each DC-motor is connected to one of the reels. So it's similar to an audio reel-to.

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affects the noise, the jitter when the motor is supposed to be stationary, but yes, the basic dyanamics aren't affected. In summary encoder + PID loop + motor driver = servo motor driver. Incremental encoder or absolute, any kind of motor which can be driven. proportional to a control signal - DC or sensored BLDC typically.

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Because when I replaced this statement DC _ motor _ speed = ( 255 * ADC ) / 1023; by DC _ motor _ speed = ADC / 4 // ( approximately equal to previous statement ); program works.. chevy chase dermatology center.

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SIMULATION OF A CLOSED SYSTEM OF A DC ELECTRIC DRIVE WITH A WIDTH-PULSE CONVERTER. Article. Jan 2022. Mihail Dunaev. Sarfaroz Dovudov. View. Show abstract. Last Updated: 05 Jul 2022.

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I am trying to control the position of a dc motor using a potentiometer as a feedback (on simulink). The idea is to input an angle from 0 to 180 degrees and then motor will spin clockwise or anti-clockwise (depending on it's physical position) until it gets to the desired angle.

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